SkyWheels Poland

W h e e l   d e c k

The Wheel deck is an important part of your wheel operation. Not only should it be attractive to your visitors, it should help you manage the flow fo visitors, offer a good working environment for your staff, be safe, be comfortable in all weather conditions and fit in with the environment of the wheel.

Wheel deck attributes

The traveling versions of the wheels come with all arrangements needed. A fixed version allows your own imagination and preferences to design the wheel deck to your liking. Dutch Wheels can help you with wheel deck attributes and suggestions you can implement yourself to match your situation.

Critical components are:
• Ticket booth
• Loading ramp
• Fencing

Interesting components are:
• Canteen / office for wheel staff
• Roof
• VIP area
• Merchandize corner
• “Food court”

Components worth consideration:
• Floor covering
• Local lighting
• Sound for platform
• Use of area outside the podium


Theme-ing the wheel deck to better match with its environment and to provide it with a certain atmosphere will attract visitors and enhance their ride experience. An additional advantage is that people involved with providing permits for placing and operating the wheel will see that a wheel is not to compare with a fairground attraction and can add value to its surroundings and location.

Around the wheel

The back side of the wheel deck allows for various forms of entertainment. Think of a VIP area to pamper your VIP guests or an informal bar for those interested in having a drink before or after the ride. The only limit is your imagination. In case the area around the wheel is available it will be possible to create an area to include different attractions tailored to your situation.