SkyWheels Poland

A b o u t   t h e   S k y  V i e w P o l a n d   P r o j e c t

The SkyViewPoland project has been created to enrich the tourist offer of the most visited cities in Poland, in particular, Warsaw, Cracow, the Tri-City and Wroclaw, which in 2016 was the European Capital of Culture. These cities combined foremost a rich tourist offer, taking into account attractions inscribed on the UNESCO’s list and every year an increasing number of tourists. The IPSOS market research agency, which monitors tourism on behalf of the Institute of Tourism, notes that in recent years the number of foreigners visiting our country has greatly increased. These cities are visited by 8-14 million tourists a year in average, according to the last published report for 2013. Moreover, each of these cities (Sopot and Gdansk as the Tri-City) is one of the biggest Polish agglomerations ranging from 630 thousand to 1,720 thousand residents.

Such a large number of visitors is mobilizing local municipalities to provide tourists a rich tourist offer, to foreign visitors willingly returned to Poland. Because of this, the SkyWheels Ltd. is taking steps to create the first in Poland Observation Wheel, whose role will be to show visitors a panorama of the city with its main landmarks and provide a bit of entertainment in the form of the height thrill.

The SkyWheels Ltd. holding the SkyViewPoland project will be responsible for multi-faceted cooperation with local authorities, including:

  • selection of the best location for the Observation Wheel
  • obtaining the necessary permits to bring the installation
  • analysis of the EU funds availability to enrich the tourist offer of the town, installation and promotion of the new city landmark
  • cooperation at the level of a common communication strategy and promotion of tourist offer of the city, namely the promotion of the cultural offer of the city and cooperation with mass events organized by the city. All attractions or events involving Skywheel
After obtaining the necessary permits to install the Panoramic Wheel in the desired location, the SkyWheels Ltd. will become the operator of the attraction responsible for the business development and promotion for city residents and tourists, including the acquisition of the SkyWheel title sponsor supporting the operations of the company managing the SkyViewPoland project.

A   c a s e   s t u d y   o n   t h e   e x a m p l e   o f   B r i g h t o n   W h e e l    

The English city of Brighton inhabited by 156 thousand residents, is located about 100 km south of London. It is a popular tourist and holiday resort located in the top 10 most visited cities in England, which is visited by the minimum 8 million tourists yearly. As reported by Geoffrey Bowden – Member of the Cabinet of culture, recreation and tourism for the City of Brighton and Hove, the offer of the city lacked modern attractions enriching the local tourist offer, hence the idea of installing the Observation Wheel.

In 2010, a special purpose company was founded under the name Paramount Attractions Ltd., whose task was to develop the project under the working name „Brighton O”, manage the process of obtaining the necessary permits and operate the attraction at the end. At the crossroads of the main street Madeira Drive and Brighton Pier was pointed the best location for the Panoramic Wheel, which colorist and sculpture will be set in the local environment. In 2010 the Paramount Attractions started a conversation with the local municipal authorities to create the conditions for bringing the Observation Wheel, which over the next five years would be a landmark and provided additional revenue to the city budget. Necessary permits completion stage lasted approximately one year. After this time, in less than a month, installation has been set and tested.

For satisfaction of locals and tourists, the grand opening of the Brighton “O” project took place in October 2011. The wheel is a year-round attraction, despite the rapidly changing weather conditions in the coastal region. Operations of the Panoramic Wheel required employment up to 30 people. The Brighton Wheel can „adopt” up to 3.5 million thirsty spectacular views of passengers a year (follow its maximum capacity), and the minimum level of passengers to make the investment profitable has been design on the level of 250 thousand a year (without the title sponsor). The Brighton Wheel is the R50 type (according to the manufacturer specification), is 50 meters above the sea level in the highest point, has 36 gondolas, each of which can accommodate up to 6 adults and two children at a time. All gondolas are equipped with air condition and a multimedia guide with comedian Steve Coogan commentary, who in a humorous way tells about the history and the most important monuments of the city. Special light illumination using LED technology allows you to enjoy the light show, and ensures the maximum possible savings of power consumption.

The regular ticket admission to the Brighton Wheel is £ 8, after discount £ 6.50. The offer includes special promotions for schools and groups, same as special occasion events. Luxury VIP-gondola can accommodate 6 people and is comfortably equipped incl. glass floor, to provide additional experience for visitors looking for new unforgettable experience. Brighton Wheel is open every day from 10-21 on Sunday-Thursday and from 10-23 on Friday to Saturday. Journey time is 15 minutes and includes 3 revolution of the Observation Wheel. The amount of rotation of the Wheel may be limited to one rotation in 15 minutes ride.

After installing the Brighton Wheel local businesses received significant revenue growth. Larger profits in connection with the increased attractiveness of the city tourist offer recorded primarily local restaurants, shops and hotels.

We invite you to view the documentary movie about Brighton Wheel, where you can hear positive opinions of the Brighton city officials, residents and owners of local businesses. Today the Brighton Wheel is visited by much more than calculated in the brakeeven model crowds of tourists and is a key point of many organized events.

Not only the above case study for the Brighton Wheel, but also an example of many other installations of the Panoramic Wheels on the world shows that the Panoramic SkyWheel in Poland is definitely a great offer for the development of urban tourism in our country, and a great opportunity for the investors and the title sponsor interested in cooperation with SkyWheels Ltd. on the SkyViewPoland project.