SkyWheels Poland

G o n d o l a   c o n s t r u c t i o n   a n d   e q u i p m e n t

The gondola is built in high grade aluminum for a loading of 8 people. The finish is in a scratch resistant polyurethane paint in a single color with light grey UV reflective polycarbonate windows. All the required signs are fitted such as numbering, no-smoking notice, max. loading weight, etc. The gondola is ventilated through floor ventilation openings. An operator security light above the doors confirms that the doors are locked. The standard color of the gondola is white.

The standard gondola is equipped with LED interior and exterior ambience lights and LED spots picking out the exterior lines of the gondola. A single roof mounted air-conditioning unit (heating and cooling) is thermostat controlled from the gondola. Extra ventilation is supplied by a flip-in window.

Extras on gondolas

Although the standard gondola comes with a lot of luxury and features, there are additional options to further enhance the experience and add functionality.

  • Gondola Table

A gondola table can be mounted for convenience or to convert a gondola in a rotating private dining room or an exciting place for a childrens birthday partysweden goteborg table – cropped – resized web.

  • On-board Audio (MP3 player)

An on-board audio system allows to provide the passengers with safety instructions upon closing the doors. Following the safety instructions, there is sufficient time for a narration about the highlights of the city or background of the views. When doors open again after the ride, a brief thank you message will complete the ride. The MP3 player can obviously also be used for background music. Volume is preset, but can be adjusted from within the gondola.

  • 2-way radio communication

By pressing the help button a 2-way radio connection is created between the gondola and the operator. This proves to be useful when people feel unwell, or feel a need to communicate for other reasons. The operator can bring down the gondola and let the passengers exit. Alternatively, the system can be used by the operator to communicate with all or just one specific gondola.


Based on the standard gondola but fitted with a luxury interior, the VIP gondola is used for special visitors to the wheel and is available for special occasions, commanding VIP prices. The VIP cabin is loaded with extra features as listed below and will fit 4 people:

  • Custom color scheme and owner’s logo
  • Dark glazing
  • Two tone leather-look seats, in bench or individual seat lay-out.
  • Polished aluminum rear panel with built in DVD player, LCD screen and champagne coolers.
  • Indirect floor lighting.
  • Optional glass floor with reflecting foil on the outside.
  • Doors on backside of wheel.

The VIP gondola can be tailored to your needs and wishes.

VIP Area – In order to provide VIP guests with a VIP style experience as well as allow special groups to use the wheel for more official programs, there normally is a VIP area. This area is where people can relax, entertain and network, while waiting for their ride.