SkyWheels Poland

W h a t   a r e   t h e   P a n o r a m i c   S k y W h e e l s ?

Panoramic SkyWheels, also referred to as Ferris, Observation or Giant wheels concept, is very simple: a large wheel carries gondolas and turns around to offer the thrill of height and spectacular views to its passengers. Panoramic Giant Wheels, which today are well known standalone tourist attraction, in the past could be met only in travelling fairground in the form of regular attraction park wheel, so-called the „Devil mills”. Changing the image of the Giant Wheel and developing a new market required redesigning the regular attraction park wheels, involve the implementation of technical innovation and added some „luxury” amenities that can be found today in the SkyWheels offer. Currently Panoramic SkyWheels are a masterpiece of engineering and architectural connection, making it possible to design a perfect fit to the city landscape.

Business and tourist potential of the SkyWheels will recognize the city authorities and tourist organizations who want to enhance the image of their region. The new solution combining tourism and entertainment which are Panoramic SkyWheels has the ability to become a landmark for a city region and a good business opportunity for investors and business owners, able to form a stable business and innovative advertising medium.

The Panoramic SkyWheels are a modern and environmentally friendly installation. Just like in Formula 1, it is equipped in the „Kinetic Energy Recovery System” where the recovered energy is used to put in motion weighing up to 365 tons of construction. In addition attraction is constantly monitored by a central computer system registering whole device works in real mode.

There is now a steadily growing trend of placing Panoramic SkyWheels in important and modern cities in the world. For this reason we invite you to find below examples of Giant Wheels from around the world. We hope it will inspire you to contact us to discuss your plans in more detail for the SkyWheels business in Poland.

The SkyWheels installations on the world

Examples of Panoramic Wheels from different parts of the world proves that this type of attractions attract thousands of tourists becoming a landmark of the city and the region. Please find dozen of Giant Wheel in the world, which proved to be well-known and respected addition to the panorama of the city, they include: London EyeSingapore FlyerMyrtle Beach SkyWheelSeattle Grate Wheel in the USA, Niagara Falls SkyWheel in Canada, The Eye of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates – UAE, Cape Town in South Africa, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton, Paris, Baku in Azerbaijan, Asiatique Sky Bangkok in Thailand, Melbourne and Goald Coast in Australia, and recently installed in June 2014 FINNAIR SkyWheel in Helsinki.