SkyWheels Poland

S P O N S O R S H I P   P r o g r a m

SkyViewPoland project under management of the SkyWheels Ltd. is an ideal opportunity for sponsors. Giant Observation Wheel as one of the world’s most innovative forms of tourist attractions, will satisfy all the requirements of companies that in their promotional activities put on uniqueness and innovation.

SkyWheel Title Sponsorship

We would like to draw your attention to our opinion, the most effective form of cooperation in the framework of SkyWheels Sponsorship Program so called title sponsorship. In this option, the promotion of your company name will become the first member name of the Panoramic SkyWheel, eg. “abc” SkyWheel.

An excellent example of cooperation under the title sponsorship program is impressive new giant wheel that has risen above the Helsinki shore skyline, named Finnair Sky Wheel. The 40-meter SkyWheel, built upon the Katajanokka pier in time for the 1st of May 2014, is equipped with 30 air-conditioned blue and white gondolas that will take passengers for a ride every day from noon to midnight. Passengers can also choose to ride the Finnair Sky Wheel in a VIP-gondola with glass floors and leather seating. The price includes Veuve Clicquot champagne.

Finnair is happy to be first in being a part of giving thousands of passengers the chance to experience a scenic tour above the rooftops of Helsinki. The giant wheel is a prominent and internationally notable Helsinki landmark that includes an aviation element. This is why we as an airline wish to be seen with it,” says Finnair’s marketing director Jarkko Konttinen.

On 8 June Finnair organized an event where all Finnair Plus members could ride the giant wheel for free between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Finnair Plus members will also receive a 25% discount on the entry fee at all other times (does not apply to the VIP-gondola).

Similar to the above described sponsorship cooperation was undertaken in the past between British Airways and the London Eye, just after the opening of a panoramic wheel in London.

Any existing installations of the panoramic observation wheels is associated with wide media publicity beyond the borders of the state. The giant wheels installations are very attractive and quickly becoming one of the most recognizable attraction within the city and the state. SkyWheel as an indispensable element of a tourist map of the city and the region, will be visible on all the postcards, photographs, films, and all other forms the city and the region promotion. Title sponsor will also have an impact on the communication strategy of the panoramic observation SkyWheel. We hope that we were able to interest you in a form of promotion that is the title sponsorship. 

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Other forms of co-sponsorship

Apart from the titular sponsor, our Sponsorship Program includes many other options to identify the brand of your company with the SkyWheel. These include the ability to place company’s advertising on the gondola wheel, or even rent the entire gondola to sponsor’s needs. 

SkyWheel will become one of the main tourist attractions during all public events taking place in the city. SkyWheel’s cooperation with the City hall promotion and culture department will make the brand promotion using the panoramic observation SkyWheel even more effective.

We invite you to contact Us where will discuss further the possible sponsorship forms of cooperation.