SkyWheels Poland

I n f o r m a t i o n   a b o u t   S k y W h e e l s   L t d.

SkyWheels Ltd. is a company specializing in development, management and operation of the Panoramic SkyWheels, representing an innovative form of tourism and entertainment in the world. Our company also deals with all commercial and promotional activities that involve Panoramic SkyWheels. We offer Observation Wheels of different sizes, with the ability to customize the appearance of the structure to the environment and character of the city. With an lockable and air-conditioned gondolas Panoramic SkyWheels are a year-round attraction, which perfectly suits to the Polish climate.

Our team has long years’ experience in the leisure and entertainment industry in the world. Thanks to direct cooperate with qualified engineers and technicians, offered by us attractions meet the highest standards according to the DIN norms. The uprising Panoramic SkyWheel will become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Passengers will feel the thrill of heights while enjoying the city extending view. Observation Wheels are according to us the future of world tourism, and we believe that they will become a landmark for Poland.

The SkyWheels Ltd. has initiated SkyViewPoland project, which aims to lead efforts to create the first in Poland Observation Wheel. The project SkyViewPoland is created to enrich the tourist offer of the most visited cities in Poland, in particular, Warsaw, Cracow, the Tri-City and Wroclaw which in 2016 was named the European Capital of Culture. (read more about the SkyViewPoland project)

SkyWheels is also a unique opportunity for investors and sponsors. Panoramic SkyWheels provide the possibility of strengthening the company’s image, brand, and most of all are interesting and safe form of business. Interested partners are invited to cooperate in the SkyViewPoland project or to contact in order to present their idea to the SkyWheel.