SkyWheels Poland

P a n o r a m i c   S k y W h e e l   is   a s   a n   i d e a l   b u s i n e s s   o p p o r t u n i t y

  • Modern tourist attraction on a global level

Polish tourism and leisure industry is still in development stage. Local authorities are beginning to realize the tourism and economic feasibility of Polish cities and regions. SkyWheels as a giant stand-alone tourist attraction has the ability to become added value for the region and attract crowds of tourists.

  • An innovative alternative to traditional sightseeing

Every Polish city has many beautiful places worth visiting. The Panoramic SkyWheel is a kind of „sightseeing in a shortcut.” From the deck of the SkyWheel passengers have a quick and general overview of the most important points of interest, whatever is worth visiting. Just like a city tour by bus, tourists can take a ride in a giant wheel and observe it all from a different perspective. Gondolas on-board audio and video can be used to tell the story, and educate with relevant background information that will be valuable when taking a closer look as the next step in a visit of the monuments of the city.

  • An additional attraction in the context of major city events

The Olympics, the cultural capital for the year or just something like X-mass are just a few examples of the events during which the city is visited by large number of tourists. The challenge is to provide visitors entertainment that will create an unforgettable experience and stimulate people to stay and spend money in the city. SkyWheel does create a landmark for the city and region people will notice and use to ride or gather. As one of the key tourist points of the city will not be missed by visitors.

  • Development of tourism & culture

The majority of local authorities and tourism organizations considering the possibility of the development of tourism and recreation in the region to attract more tourists. SkyWheel is an excellent opportunity to promote the city and the region. Increased number of visitors means more business opportunities and more revenue for local businesses from many sectors and city budget.

  • The publicity for the city and region

Who did not hear from the London Eye and maybe the Singapore Flyer? A giant wheel is a landmark in its environment and as it is difficult to overlook, people talk about it. This is good, not only for those operating the wheel but also for the location. Companies interested in advertising opportunities will gladly spend money to get their name linked to the giant wheel which is the buzz of the town and the country.